How We Work

SpiralDance diagram

SpiralDance diagram

We bring a fresh, holistic and creative approach to dance that incorporates principles from Western and Eastern disciplines. Our sessions are open to anyone, preferably with some dance experience, who would like to find renewed inspiration for dance and develop and expand their creative skills.

We aim to:

  • Expand dance vocabulary
  • Balance good technique with imagination and creativity
  • Honour natural movement principles
  • Be accessible to all ages and levels of experience

The sessions are facilitated by Bryony and Elizabeth and members of the company and all include:

  • A warm up/preparation
  • Some SpiralDance
  • Taught choreographed sequences
  • Time for creative exploration
  • A close down and time for discussion and questions.

When appropriate they can lead to performance projects (see past work)


We put a focus on creative choreography and aim to:

  • Explore the art and craft of choreography
  • Inspire a creative and imaginative approach to choreography
  • Create choreographed dances to be followed
  • Facilitate individual and group choreography
  • Work towards performance when relevant

We work with technique, choreography and also improvisation to liberate the body and allow new dance forms to take shape. We also find inspiration by working in collaboration with other artists and integrating dance with other art forms e.g.:

  • Choreography and composition
  • Voice and movement
  • Exploring poetry and text through movement
  • Exploring painting through movement and vice versa


From our experience, the outcome of our work is:

  • A renewed enthusiasm for dance
  • Enhanced creativity
  • More vitality
  • Acquisition of new tools to facilitate traditional dance training
  • A flexible and open minded approach to dance and movement and allied arts
  • Greater confidence and belief in individual work