The Vision

When one stands still and quiet for a while in an environment of natural beauty, a new dawn of experience spreads over one, dimensions deepen and perceptions sharpen. The world seems to dance, sing and play with form and non form, as the wind plays the leaves of a tree.

All around is the drama of life spiralling between the power of light and the mystery of shade, set in an ever changing collage of colour, texture, form and shape. In an instant we are the flight of a bird, the stealth of a cat, the strength of a bull, the spring of a deer or the roar of water as it falls to earth. We soar on the song of the lark at dawn, we dance the rhythms of the heart of earth.

The realisation that we are, each and every one of us, a dancer in the drama of life, brings a sense of peace, joy and wonder at the magical chemistry of it all and an overpowering feeling of being truly alive, an individual expression of a whole experience.

It is our vision to bring this awareness back into people’s lives distilled through the medium of the body, as we believe it is through the body that true connections are made. It is when the body/mind is relaxed, open and energised that inspiration can enter. By focusing the mind in the moment through the body we empower what we do with vitality and are able to express the essence of what we do with both simplicity and power.

To achieve this we work directly with the body to find ways to release anxieties, excessive tensions, outmoded attitudes and techniques that stand in the way of  the free flow of our own creative expression. We work with natural and original movement forms derived from the wisdom and dimension of Eastern practices and the self expression of Western Contemporary dance and improvisation. We are building ways of working that can underlie many forms of artistic life expression.

Cry the body the sorrow of life
Scream the body the pain of life
Leap the body the joy of life
Dance the body the love of life.
Bryony Williams


Blue sky and clouds