Enchantment Project

Decorative silhouette image of trees, mermaids and the moon

About the Project

Photo by Ruby Gadsby

SpiralArts are currently in the process of creating a project for performance entitled ‘Enchantment’. This is inspired by the magic of trees, the enchantment of the moon and the enticement of the sea and the sirens.

This will include an integration of movement and dance from Western and Eastern influences, voice, choir, live and original music, poetry and art. The group is intergenerational with members aged from the 20s to 70s.

We are developing a relationship with a choir, Sustaining Harmony, exploring ways to collaborate and work together.

Sustaining Harmony is a charity set up to provide free singing and socialising groups for adults affected by mental illness and social isolation. Founded in 2020, working mainly with More Than Just a Choir and the charity Rethink Mental Illness.

Improvisation video

Initial Outline of Project

Still in development, it may change as we progress.


  • An opening section inspired by trees, dance, movement, music and song

The Moon

  • A selection of poems about the moon with original music by James Lindsay, sung by Cressida Lindsay, and movement from the group.
  • A poem about the moon written and read by Liz Blake, focus on words, soundscape and minimal movement
  • Two Schubert’s songs ‘An den mond’

The Sirens

  • An exploration of the dark side of Enchantment featuring voices with dance and music.

The Choir

  • Ongoing collaborative exploration.

Finale tbc

  • The song ‘Somewhere’ from West Side Story
  • Song and dance, including whole group and all arts and possible audience participation

Through this project we intend to find ways to make this performance an immersive experience for the audience

The People

Photo by Ruby Gadsby

There are more detailed biographies here.

BRYONY WILLIAMS – joint founder/director – choreographer, teacher, dancer, martial artist – poetry

ELIZABETH BLAKE – joint founder/director – dancer, choreographer, actress – poetry, art

DAVID HOME – associate director – movement, martial artist – poetry, art

TIMOTHY TAYLOR – dancer, choreographer, teacher, singer, actor, artist

BARBARA BROWN – movement, Qi Gong practitioner, poet, author – artist

CRESSIDA LINDSAY – director, music therapist, musician, singer, movement – art

JAMES LINDSAY – musician, composer, teacher

CELIA MENDIZABAL – director, movement, circus performer, Biospiral specialist, teacher – voice, art

ALEXANDRA POUTAS – singer, musician, dancer, actress – art

ROSALIE WARNER – singer, musician, movement/dancer, actress, Alexander Technique specialist

HARSHIL CHAUAN – dancer, martial artist – management

SARAH PARKER – dance/movement, Chi Gong practitioner

MARC VERTER – director, classical pianist – art, poetry

DAVID PHELOPS – Director of Sustaining Harmony, singer, musician

RUBY GADSBY – dancer, dance film artist, photographer

INDIA DILLON – crowdfunding page

Time Line

Ongoing development.


Currently we are looking for funding to make a film of this project, which will ultimately be integrated with live performance.

Crowdfunding link: https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/p/spiralarts-enchantment-project

We would also be grateful for the offer of any free rehearsal space.

What We Offer

A welcome to join, participate, observe and give feedback in our sessions.

Facilitate individual or group workshop sessions based on our work.

An invitation to be part of the research for audience participation.


Bryony Williams