Group Meeting Sunday 14th January, 1-4 pm at Open Ealing Arts Centre
Bryony, Dave, Liz, Bibi, David Phelops, Rosalie, Miriam, India
(problems on railways kept others away)
Theme: Lake and Sea – water
Every session we have seems to be a spontaneous adventure, loosely based around a theme, all
depending on the alchemy of those present. Sometimes dance/movement is more prominent,
sometimes music and sometimes singing and poetry.
Each session is a unique and creative experience!
All sessions begin with a movement warm up to engage the bodies and unify the group. This
included the beginning of a dance/kata composed of spiral moves created by members of the
group, a work in progress, integrated by Bryony. No time for vocal warm up this session.

James sent a recording of one of his compositions ‘Dialika’, a river in the desert in Mali (Marimba,
Celeste, Double Bass) a beautiful meditative piece. We worked with Liz and Bryony as a Grecian
style waterfall backdrop of choreographed movement with Tibetan Water Bowls, three others
formed a triangle around us, reflecting our moves, then mirroring each other. Celia, will become
centrepiece of this scenario, but was not there at this session.
Next we worked with Bibi who had written a wonderful poem inspired by the sea, “I watched the
waves….” the rest of the group improvised movement to her words. We decided to leave this
mainly improvised with an agreed shape/structure. Bibi should be the “Luna Lady who plays with the water…”
Finally we changed mood completely and danced and sang to a medley of Swing songs sung
brilliantly by David P, good fun and energetic. We agreed they need to be choreographed (chorus
line?) and could be used for some audience participation. They are a good balance for our
I am always in awe of the ease of creativity, spontaneity and generosity of everyone in this group, it is heartwarming.
It was great to have India Dillon there for the first time, she is doing a wonderful job building a
following, setting up crowd funding and dealing with social media in the most artistic and creative way. We are grateful.
Bryony Williams
17. 1. 2024