The Art and Craft of Making Dances

We would like to offer courses in choreography exploring both the art
and the craft of creating dances in a supportive and innovative

These courses can be one day, weekends, one week or ongoing over a
year, depending on circumstances and requirements. They are suitable
for teachers and choreographers seeking new ideas, dancers who wish
to liberate their creativity and do more choreography, and anyone with
an interest in dance and movement who would like to try creating
dances. This includes other performers and artists who can bring new
vision and fresh perspectives to dance. A basic understanding of
movement and some dance/movement experience is helpful.
These are suitable for anyone over the age of 18, after that there is no
age limit as we believe the experience and essential qualities of the
older participants balances well with the energy and physicality of the
younger ones.

The sessions will be led by Bryony Williams and Elizabeth Blake,
professional teachers and choreographers/dance artists and founders of
SpiralArts. They have spent many years developing a natural,
expressive way of moving that integrates Western and Eastern
principles of movement, with a particular focus on the Spiral, which is
inherent in most forms of movement, is everywhere in nature and in our
own DNA. We also use the elements – Earth, Air, Fire and Water – as
creative touchstones that focus exploration in both form and energy, and
the diverse dynamics and qualities of dance and movement.
While many dance/movement styles and traditions can be
encompassed, we believe it is by going back to natural sources of
movement that the seeds for strong new creative growth can be sown.


  • To open doors to creativity in dance/movement beyond the studio walls.
  • To inspire and support individual creativity
  • To facilitate individual, pair and group work
  • To expand dance vocabulary
  • To balance the technique and craft of choreography with imagination
  • and spontaneity
  • To work closely with other artists – singers, actors, musicians, poets and painters – with a view to cross art collaborations
  • To work through a process of play, improvisation and creative
  • exploration, while also understanding tools and techniques to enhance development such as:
  • Symmetry/asymmetry, motif, canon, unison, contrast, structure and
  • shape
  • To use nature as the wellspring of creativity


(From our experience)

  • The creation of innovative, vibrant and compelling pieces of
  • choreography
  • The acquisition of new tools and accessible techniques to facilitate
  • traditional dance training
  • A renewed sense of enthusiasm and passion for this art form
  • Enhanced confidence in individual creativity and the tools to shape this
  • into dance and drama
  • Good relationships and better understanding and collaboration with
  • other artists
  • A more flexible, open minded and curious approach to movement and
  • dance as a living art form.
  • Sowing the seeds for ongoing creative development

STRUCTURE (flexible)

The courses can be themed according to the requirements of the venue
and participants
Often our initial theme is exploring the elements


  • Warm up/preparation – accessible and effective based on natural principles
  • Learning and exploring some spiral moves and sequences
  • Learning choreography by the facilitators based on the theme of the day.


  • Creative exploration and development
  • The input from another artist eg: a musician, singer, painter…if the budget allows for this
  • Recognising, encouraging and utilising talents emerging from the group
  • Time for a close down, reflection and discussion

Bryony –

Elizabeth –


Elizabeth is a dancer, actor, choreographer and writer. She trained at
London Contemporary Dance School and Guildford School of Acting,
was formerly Head of Dance and BTEC Performing Arts Course Leader
at Reading College and is currently working as the Dance Officer at The
Phoenix Theatre and Arts Centre, Hants, where she teaches a variety of
dance and movement classes for all ages and abilities. Elizabeth has
choreographed and performed in productions across UK and Off
Broadway and has recently written, choreographed and performed in
“Isadora – I Dance What I Am”, a new play about the ‘Mother of Modern
Dance” Isadora Duncan, selected as part of Theatre Fest West 2019.

Bryony Williams (F HEA)

Bryony is a dance/movement teacher, choreographer, dancer, and
shiatsu practitioner/teacher, who has extensive training and experience
in both Western and Eastern movement disciplines. She trained in
European Expressionistic Dance, as well as many other forms of dance.
She also trained in Seishin Kitaido, a ki martial art, becoming an
Instructor, with additional training in Bohjitsu, Bokuto, Shiatsu Massage
and Meditation.
She is currently working at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in
the Singing and Music Therapy departments, and has also worked with
singers at the Royal Academy of Music and music theatre and acting
students at The London College of Music, University of West London.
She is, together with Elizabeth, co-founder of SpiralArts, a cross
generational, cross art dance theatre collective, exploring and
developing creative and accessible approaches to dance and