Through the Wednesday morning Zoom classes we are exploring dance/movement through various themes and have found useful insights by doing this.

The Elements

We have been exploring how we can embody and find creative expression through the Elements, and have discovered for instance:

Earth is our reality and a good place to begin and come back to

That all the elements are balanced by each other and therefore need each other:
Water is shaped and contained by Earth
Fire is controlled by Water
Air is anchored in Earth
Earth is activated by Fire
We also realised all the elements are multi dynamic, for instance:
A still pond, a flowing river, a tempest
A hearth fire, a bonfire, an inferno
A breeze, a gusty wind, a tornado
Security, instability, an earthquake

Dance and poetry are good companions.

The words of the poems bring simplicity and clarity of purpose to the movements, and also imagination and vision.

The movement can reveal the underlying landscape of the words and energise them through embodiment.

Conversely the movements of dance create a poetry of their own with words arising naturally from the movements.

Working with Co-ordination

We have discovered working with co-ordination over the last few weeks that:
Co-ordination can be mentally and physically challenging
It highlights the balance (or imbalance) between left and right
It brings attention to detail and deepens focus
It enhances awareness, integration and connections through the body
It creates new pathways and better internal communication in the body/mind