Current Project

This page for the current project, based around ‘The Tree’ will build with material created by members of SpiralArts inspired by the theme.

Autumn is underfoot
Browns and golds retreat, earthbound,
Tears for the lost year.
A symbol of hope in sad times
The Tree of Life stands vibrant.

Olive Tree, Letoon, S. Turkey. Temple of Leto, mother of Apollo, god associated with the Sun, and Artemis (Diana) goddess associated with the moon

To the Trees by Hoshi Dee (1st Draft)
The oldest of us,
Stoic, long-standing,
Long-suffering of our uses and abuses.
The way we treat you whom we need.
Arms reaching to the sky, for the sun,
You silently let us eat and breath,
Locking carbon away releasing precious oxygen back into the air we poison.
You unselfishly share your resources, the toils of your labours.
If trunks could talk,
If we could hear...
If we would listen (if we would care),
The things you could share.
Starting from among the smallest of things,
You take your time, if allowed, and grow.
Following your natures, allowing of other’s,
Standing your places in time despite the shifting seasons.
In time, maybe we'll value you correctly again
Treat you better,
The way we should
Remembering and giving thanks.
In time, you’ll stand, with us or without
While the wind blows, the world turns,
Our star burns...
You store your memories in your trunks.
The oldest of us,
Long-suffering, long-standing, stoic
You will endure
Even after we're gone.