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Latest News: May 2017


We are running three introductory workshops on:

  • Sunday 28th May 2017
  • Sunday 25th June 2017
  • Sunday 30th July 2017

Please download our flyer for details.

SpiralArts was founded in the late 1990s by Bryony Williams and Elizabeth Blake and has evolved into a cross-generational creative dance co-operative, including five female choreographers, who believe creativity has no age limit and dance can be enjoyed from youth through to maturity.

Members of the group come from diverse backgrounds, ages and styles of dance and find this diversity rich material for creative dance and choreography. They also explore technique that is effective, accessible and healthy for the body, often through awareness of the spiral inherent in most movement forms and pathways.

They enjoy working with allied arts and artists, finding means and ways to communicate and integrate well, and, where possible, they like to work with live music and have a good relationship with a number of musicians and composers.

All members of the group have wide experience of teaching dance and choreography to all age groups, as well as performing arts students, and those with lifelong learning disabilities.

"Dance is an expression of life"

The Lake performance photo

(image from The Lake project)