Online SpiralDance Classes

Wednesday Mornings, 10.30-11.30 AM

Dance is an expression of life: from the uplift and joy felt in the rhythm and flow of dance to the still confidence present in good posture, the body becomes the vehicle through which imagination takes form and creativity is born” (BW)

SpiralArts is a dance/movement based, cross art intergenerational community of artists founded in the late 1990s by Bryony Williams and Elizabeth Blake, both experienced teachers, choreographers, facilitators and performers.

Dance is the essence of their work and is used as an art in itself and as a common denominator between the arts. They are known for developing new work and embracing diverse influences from East and West, and bring inspiration, new vision and a holistic approach to their work. They utilise their explorations of spiral movement and inspiration from nature, to generate movement technique and expressive dance that is organic, creative and accessible.  Anyone interested in joining our monthly gatherings and/or weekly  classes, please contact Bryony: bryony.williams1@gmail.com 

Their primary activities are dance exploration and development, cross-art integration and enhancing and supporting creativity for the purpose of choreography, performance and teaching, as well as general enjoyment and well being.

Scene from Desert Dance, 2013. Photo credit: Rob Falconer

Scene from Desert Dance, 2013. Photo credit: Rob Falconer

They embrace diversity and enjoy working with allied arts and artists including musicians, actors, singers, fine artists, poets, as well as dancers from varied backgrounds, training and ages; exploring ways to communicate and integrate their work, while gaining fresh vision from the perspectives of different artistic outlooks.

They have a cross-generational approach to their work believing there is no age limit on creativity and that dance can be enjoyed from youth to maturity.  They think that the energy and physicality of youth integrates well with the wisdom and essence gained through age and experience, and that together they inform and enrich each other.

Bryony and Elizabeth remain passionate and committed to their work, ready to embrace new ideas and create new work with those who wish to join them in the play of dance.